Investing In Physical Gold vs Gold Stocks or ETF

Several people like to invest in gold because it protects them from inflation. You can use different ways to invest in this asset. You can go to the market and buy a piece of this metal. You can get a physical asset this way. Some prefer exchange-traded funds. These are also known as gold ETFs. We will give you details for making a better decision when investing in metal or gold ETFs.

Investing in Physical Assets

Investing in gold in the physical form gives you direct exposure to this commodity. You can buy them in different forms. Jewelry, coins, bars, and other conditions are available on the market. All of these forms are known as bullion. You will get the bullion’s price according to the piece’s metal concentration. Some types of coins can have more value than the same weight of bullion due to the coin’s historical significance.


It is easier to buy bullion because you can get it from mints, bullion markets, and many other dealers. You may find a bullion dealer in every area of the country. You can get it from some companies that do not deduct any value when going to sell them the bullion piece again. You can own the gold piece without fear of the company getting broke. Physical assets can give you peace of mind.


You must pay insurance, taxes, and small fees to keep the physical form of gold. As several scammers are on the market, you have a higher chance of getting low-concentration metal at a higher price. It is hard to get leverage when you buy physical assets. You can get the gold only after paying the full price.

Investing in Stock

Going to the market without looking for physical assets is unnecessary. You can buy these stocks online using a broker or online applications. You will get a certificate of buying the ETFs as they will not give you assets in physical form.


There are fewer chances of getting scammed when buying gold ETFs because you can verify your stocks from the companies. There is no need to worry about accurate metal concentration because stocks have a fixed price. You will not pay storage or insurance costs when buying these stocks. Companies may give you leverage to buy these stocks. It will help you get more market exposure at a minimum cost.


Some stocks do not follow the price of assets as the company deducts their fees yearly. The value of these stocks from a company can decrease more than the metal price. Your investment depends on the company because you do not have physical assets. Companies can change administrative fees anytime they want.


Investing in gold or stocks has several advantages of disadvantages. If you want to control every aspect of your investment, you can select gold in physical form. Stocks are perfect for people looking to invest in the stock market with the aim of inflation effects prevention.

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